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On behalf of the officers and staff of the Jackson Police Department, welcome to our web site. Our department has undergone many changes in its 105 year history. A single Village Marshal serving a few hundred people has evolved into a department of 11 sworn officers protecting a thriving community of over 6,700. We’re a small agency, but we’ve had big ideas:

  • The first Washington County municipal police K9 unit.
  • The first Washington County agency with mobile computers.
  • The first Washington County agency with Automatic External Defibrillators.
  • The only Washington County agency to earn accreditation.
  • The only Washington County agency to meet the requirements for Core Standards Verification.
  • The first Washington County agency with a motor carrier safety program.
  • The only Washington County agency with officers trained to investigate animal cruelty and neglect cases.

Jackson officers are always mindful of their department’s mission to provide law enforcement services which afford a sense of security for residents and visitors, and which improve the quality of life in the community. I hope you find this website useful and appreciate your interest in the Jackson Police Department.

Jed M. Dolnick
Chief of Police

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Jackson PD is a member of the
WILEAG Core Standards Verification Program.





Interesting calls-for-service handled by your police department

Block PartyClick here for a FREE block party permit


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 Accident Reports Available for Purchase On-Line

Accident reports are available for purchase at the police station during office hours for .25 a page; reports are typically four or five pages in length. For 24/7 access, www.buycrash.com sells our reports for $10.25.

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The Greater Jackson Business Association is selling these yard signs at their cost of $7 each. The signs can be purchased at the Jackson Area Community Center at N165W20330 Hickory Lane, across from Hickory Lane Park. Our thanks to the association for their support of the police and fire departments.

Last updated February 13, 2018

Winter Parking Rules Are in Effect!
On-street parking is prohibited until April 1, 2018. The village will allow overnight parking at Jackson and Hickory Lane parks (no permit needed).


Per state law, fireworks that explode or fly aren’t legal to possess or use without a permit. That means no firecrackers or rockets, folks. Those permits handed out at the fireworks stores are only valid in the community where the store is located. Read the fine print. Jackson, like most cities and villages, doesn’t issue permits.

Snakes, sparklers, fountains, caps, and other novelty items are just fine here. But if you live elsewhere, you’ll need to check because some local communities prohibit them.

Disturbing the neighborhood with bottle rockets can get you a $155 citation but we really prefer that you just don’t use them.

The Village of Jackson has enacted an Ordinance #17-01 – Sex Offender Residency regarding where some sex offenders can reside or may enter. This map shows 1500′ radiuses from known locations listed in the ordinance.


A permit isn’t required if only dropping off sales literature. However, if the person contacts you, to make a pitch or ask if you want an estimate, for example, that person must have a village permit. A permit is issued only if the person passes a criminal background check conducted by the police department. If you don’t see the permit attached to the person’s outerwear, ask to see it. If the person doesn’t have one, close the door and call us immediately.

A permit is not required when going door-to-door on behalf of a political candidate, when circulating a petition or nomination papers, or other activities protected by the 1st Amendment. Religious groups don’t need a permit to hand out literature or discuss religion (e.g. Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons). However, donations cannot be solicited. For that, the village will provide a permit at no charge as long as the group is a registered charity.

Solicitors must respect “No Peddler” and similar signs, and must stop their activities 30 minutes before sundown.  They are also prohibited from misrepresenting the purpose of their visit.



Our thanks to CVS Pharmacy for donating our medication collection box for our lobby. The box is a convenient way to dispose of unwanted or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications. It’s important to keep as much of these materials as possible out of landfills and water treatment systems. Drug abusers are known to steal narcotics, anti-depressants and other medications from the homes of friends and relatives. The collected items are incinerated at a specially licensed facility. We cannot accept liquids, “sharps”, aerosols, and medical waste.

Remember to Renew Dog & Cat Licenses

Dogs and cats that are at least 5 months old must be licensed. Applications are available at the Village Hall

Should you donate money to a police organization?  You might be surprised at this answer.
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