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On behalf of the officers and staff of the Jackson Police Department, welcome to our web site. Our department has undergone many changes in its 101 year history. A single Village Marshal serving a few hundred people has evolved into a department of 11 sworn officers protecting a thriving community of over 6,700. We’re a small agency, but we’ve had big ideas:

  • The first Washington County municipal police K9 unit.
  • The first Washington County agency with mobile computers.
  • The first Washington County agency with Automatic External Defibrillators.
  • The only Washington County agency to earn accreditation.
  • The only Washington County agency to meet the requirements for Core Standards Verification.
  • The first Washington County agency with a motor carrier safety program.

Jackson officers are always mindful of their department’s mission to provide law enforcement services which afford a sense of security for residents and visitors, and which improve the quality of life in the community. I hope you find this website useful and appreciate your interest in the Jackson Police Department.

Jed M. Dolnick
Chief of Police

 Core Standards Verification Program Logo (2)

Jackson PD is a member of the
WILEAG Core Standards Verification Program.

(Last Updated March 8, 2015)

Remember to Renew Dog & Cat Licenses
Dogs and cats that are at least 5 months old must be licensed. Applications are available at the Village Hall.

Overnight Parking Prohibited Until April 1
Vehicles can not be parked on public streets from 2:00-6:00 AM. Remember to warn late night or overnight guests to move their cars off the street. The village prohibits street parking entirely (instead of odd/even) to speed up snow plowing and reduce overtime.



The next ARRP Safe Driver class will be on March 12, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at the Jackson Area Community Center. The cost is $15 for AARP members; $20 for non-members. Call (262) 677-9665 to register. Sponsored by the Jackson Police Department.

MyPD App Connects You to the Police Department!
The Jackson Police Department is proud to introduce a new initiative to enhance communications with the public.

MyPD is a free app that can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play. With it, citizens have access to a number of features, including contacts, feedback and tip forms. They can also access information from FEMA, the National Weather Service and the National Terror Advisory System, and much more. MyPD also has an optional “push” notification feature that will alert the user if the police department issues a special alert, even if the app isn’t running.

The app can be downloaded by clicking on the Apple or Android links below. Once installed, the user should select the Jackson Police Department from the list of available choices. The app will default back to JPD each time. Push notification and other features can be activated under the “Settings” tab on the bottom of the screen.

You can read more about MyPD here: http://mypdapp.com/

mypd_app_bttn_lrg mypd_andr_bttn_lrg


According to the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance’s annual report on municipal spending, the police department’s cost per resident in 2012 was $184, just below the median for communities of 5,500 to 7,500 population. The police department has been at or below the median for several years.


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A parent asked if an officer could remind the neighborhood youngsters about the rules for crossing the street or riding their bikes. Officer Gerke steeled herself for this assignment. The young man to the left is displaying a “safety citation”, good for an ice cream cone, for wearing his helmet.

It’s simple: fireworks that explode or fly aren’t legal. That means no firecrackers or rockets… period. Sparklers, snakes, and fountains are just fine. Disturbing the neighborhood with bottle rockets can get you a $155 citation.


Ice CreamTicket5

The “safety citation” program has ended for this year. We appreciate the support of John Kruepke, owner of the Snak Shak, and Cedar Crest Ice Cream for donating the ice cream, and B&L Graphic Solutions, for printing the citations.



This is our friend, Kyle, who rode in the very first car in the Action in Jackson Parade with Officer Dan (Oswald). Kyle’s mom was the successful bidder for “Ride at the Head of the Parade” donated by the JPD for the Jackson Elementary School PTO Silent Auction.

5K a

Just participating in the new Action in Jackson 5K Run/Walk wasn’t enough  for some of our officers, so they got some friends to make it even more fun! In front are Officer Kathy Borkowski, who walked with her granddaughter, Ellie. From left to right are Sgt. Todd Fristed, Jenny Sands, Richard Ratzmer, Officer Justin Brinks, and Officer Jennifer Gerke, all of whom ran. Keep in mind, the officers were wearing their body armor and equipment belts while they did this!


5K b
Photo courtesy of Scott Mittelsteadt


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