Add a Radar or Sign

Add a Radar or Sign

There are some instances when temporary road signs may be needed to ease traffic or deter speeders in your neighborhood.  The following information describes the signs and circumstances when these may be an option for your neighborhood.


Flashing LED Stop SignsFlashing LED Stop Sign

When N. Jackson Drive was closed for construction recently, residents in the adjacent subdivision were alarmed at the number of detouring vehicles that rolled through the stop signs. The police department responded by devoting extra time to patrolling the area and watching certain intersections. Ironically, more than half of the violations were committed by people who lived in that same subdivision!

That’s the problem with rolling through stop signs. It gets to be a habit, and it gets increasingly reckless, and when you’re caught, you’d swear that you did stop. The popularity of LED (light emitting diode) lights has led to their incorporation into traffic signs, one being the familiar stop sign. They were first used to mark intersections that had formerly been uncontrolled. Studies by traffic engineers have shown that these signs can also increase compliance at “problem intersections”. With the approval of the Jackson Village Board, the police department used revenues from the sale of abandoned vehicles to purchase two LED signs. Working with the Department of Public Works, an LED sign is swapped for an existing stop sign for about two weeks.

Locations are identified on an on-going basis by the department. In addition, residents are invited to request the temporary installation of the signs in their neighborhoods. Contact the department at (262) 677-4949.

Speed SentrySpeed Reading Sign

The Speed Sentry is a portable solar-powered device, partially funded by a Department of Transportation grant. With the assistance of the Department of Public Works, the radar box can be installed on just about any street. Although the Police Department identifies certain roads that require this extra attention, the Speed Sentry can also be placed on other streets if requested by a resident. The Speed Sentry augments the larger radar trailer that’s owned jointly by the Jackson, Hartford, and Slinger police departments, and the sheriff’s department.


As with the LED stop signs, locations are identified on an on-going basis by the police department and residents can request placement of the Speed Sentry on their street. Contact the department at (262) 677-4949.