Commercial Truck Program

Commercial Truck Program

Why is the police department involved in truck
The Department of Transportation reports that an  average of 1,200 commercial motor vehicles pass through Jackson on Highway 60 each day. Over-weight trucks cause premature wear to our streets and the utilities underneath them. Poorly equipped trucks pose a safety hazard to the public.

Do you stop all commercial vehicles?
No. It would be statistically impossible and very impractical to stop all commercial vehicles passing through our village. At most, our officer could stop four trucks a day, or .003% of the trucks that drive through the village.

I’ve heard you’re stopping all of the trucks that drive through the village.
Look at that number in the first paragraph and think about it for a moment. Could that be remotely possible?  Up to four trucks might be stopped if the specially trained officer is working and the officer isn’t handling other police duties. Four trucks a day amounts to only .003% of the trucks that drive through the village.

How are your officers trained?
Officer Gerke attended Motor Carrier Safety Inspection training at the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy and is certified as a Level I (federal-level) inspector, the same as State Patrol inspectors.

Aren’t you really doing this for the revenue?
For every violation that is ticketed, about five others are handled via correction orders. In other words, we handle most problems with a written warning instead of a ticket. Far more revenue is being “forgiven” than is being collected. The main goal is to get the problems fixed.

I heard that a company moved from Jackson because of this.
Ask your source to name the company. This story has been repeated for years, yet no one can identify the company!

I heard that carriers charge extra to deliver to Jackson.
Again, ask your source for the name of that carrier. No one has ever identified the carrier, and no business or resident has ever reported being surcharged.

I heard that some trucks are bypassing the village to avoid getting stopped.
And if that’s true, what does it say for the drivers or owners? It means they’d rather keep driving dangerous equipment than having their rig inspected.

Why do you enforce this on Highway 45? You should stick to village streets.
Part of Highway 45 is in the village. All Jackson officers are allowed to be on Highway 45 for a portion of their shift. Also, some trucks are originally seen on Main Street but not stopped until they’re on the freeway.

Jackson is an island. It’s not fair that drivers should worry about Jackson’s “hyper-enforcement”.
These laws are the same nationwide. Whether in Jackson, Wisconsin or Jackson, Mississippi, the regulations are uniform and should not come as a surprise to any driver or company.

I heard your officers cite drivers for not having a DOT number on their truck.
No one has ever been cited for this. On the contrary, they’re provided a printed sheet that explains how to get a DOT number. There’s also a web page that explains it, at

Will Officer Gerke answer questions so my company can avoid problems?
Absolutely. Contact her at the police department (262-677-4949).

I heard……
Enough already. We’ve heard the stories and, yes, insults about the police department’s truck enforcement. Responsible companies and drivers support what we’re doing because they know that badly maintained rigs and tired drivers kill people.

I heard you’re handing out tickets for minor violations.
Yes, we’ve heard some of the stories going around, so we put together some pictures to illustrate what we’re finding. Remember: these trucks are on the highway, right next to you and your family.

Click here for photos of truck violations found