Dog and Cat Ordinances

Dog and Cat Ordinances

Domestic animals, specifically dogs and cats are controlled by municipal laws.  Dog and Cat ordinances are in place to keep people and the animals safe.

Limitation on the Number of Dogs and Cats Allowed Per Household


No more than two dogs and two cats, over the age of 5 months, may be housed in a residence. Exceptions may be requested by application to the Plan Commission and Village Board for a conditional use permit or PUD amendment.

Leash Law

A leash of no more than 10′ must be used when away from the premises. Dogs are permitted in village parks but must be leashed to a person (not to a tree, table, etc.) so the dog is always under control.

Vicious Animals

The code has a mechanism allowing the village, through the Chief of Police, to protect the public from a vicious dog, defined as (1)any dog with a propensity, tendency or disposition to attack, cause injury or otherwise endanger the safety of human beings or other domestic animals as evidenced by its habitual or repeated chasing or snapping, or barking and/or snarling in a threatening manner or (2) any dog which attacks a human being or another domestic animal without provocation. Specific breeds are not singled out. The owner of a vicious dog is required to abide by special rules to assure the safety of the public. LicensingPer state law, all dogs over 5 months old must be licensed. The rabies and license tags must be on the dog’s collar. The Village of Jackson also requires cats to be licensed. Licenses are issued by the Village Hall (262-677-9001).