Mission and Goals

Missions and Goals


The mission of the Jackson Police Department is to provide law enforcement services which afford a sense of security for residents and visitors, and which improve the quality of life in the community. We will accomplish this by demanding of ourselves the highest standards of professionalism; through the fair, unbiased application of the law; and by working in partnership with the citizens of the village.


The police department is ultimately responsible to the citizens of the Village of Jackson and to that end we have a professional obligation to protect all citizens and their property from crime.  A member carries at all times the responsibility for the community, and discharges that responsibility by an immediate and intelligent response to any emergency.  Anything less violates the trust placed in that member by the community, and nothing less qualifies as professional conduct.

Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or  the public trust.
I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable  for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.